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Winters on the way!!

Yep, it is... winter is on the way, the temperatures have cooled, the weather has been really up and down. Actually, to me it has felt like April, with April showers and dark looming clouds. This kind of weather is a bit of a staller for photography, you go out intending to capture wildlife, and then it chucks it down and the wildlife just stays put.... seriously would you go out in the rain we've had lately! This is one of my Little Owls, not 'my Little Owls' but I've been there so much this summer I swear they think I'm part of the scenery!

Its the same for dog photography, although I can plan sessions a week or so before, we all know how the weather changes! On Saturday I planned in a shoot for the following friday, and I've been on the edge of my seat watching the forecast all week! Yesterday Friday showed thick black cloud, today it's changed to sunny cloud! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed....

I've been lucky so far, the pet photography shoots that I've planned around the weather have all turned out really well! Here's a pic of Arthur looking all pretty (rather than his manic slobbery self!) sitting under a beautiful looking autumnal bush! Just kidding Arthur, you're a star!

This month we have a discount active until 13th October (my sons birthday! and he'll be 21!!) So if you want some beautiful pics of your dog (and they will be beautiful) Look above at Our Sessions and treat your pet! Make them feel like the star that they really are! The code Bestpets will give you 10% off normal prices. What are you waiting for :)

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