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Can I choose the location for my photography session? - Definitely! We actually encourage you to choose a place that you and your dog are comfortable in, as long as the location is safe for all involved (pet, owner & photographer) You need to remember though that somewhere nice and scenic will help with better photos overall. Can't think of anywhere? Not a problem, we'll be able to offer some ideas on suitable locations.

What happens at the shoot? - We will meet at the agreed location, bring your dog's favourite treats and maybe a squeaky toy to get their attention. To start, we'll spend a little time letting your dog sniff around, so many exciting smells that they need to savour first. Once the sniffing has subsided a little and fed their inquisitive side, we can start getting some nicely posed photos.

My dog can't be off leash! - This is absolutely fine, I understand that not all dogs are super obedient, and it's just impossible for them to be off leash (I've had a couple of those myself!) Bring your dog along on his leash (lead) a thinner leash, dark colour, will work better, and I will show you how to stand, and how to hold the leash, so I can remove it in post-processing.  Please note that if your dogs wear a harness, this will not be able to be removed in post-processing, because harnesses cover a large part of your dog's fur, removing it can make the fur look unnatural. If possible, I do recommend removing harnesses before we start the photoshoot.

​Does my dog need to behave? - It does help if your dog can sit for a while, or even stand still. If your dog is constantly on the move, it might be difficult to get portrait photo's. If you have a super energetic dog, then bring along a friend or family member to help. They can hold your dog's lead, while you stand slightly off to one side or behind me, this will normally help your dog to look in the direction that we want him facing.

Are you a qualified photographer? - I have studied with the Institute of Photography and gained a highly commended grade in the Professional Diploma of Photography. I am also a qualified member of the Guild of Photography.

Are you insured? - I am fully insured for public liability and professional indemnity.

How long before my dog's photo gallery is online? - Editing takes the most time, to sort and edit shots from a session will be 5 - 7 days. Sometimes in extremely busy periods this can take a little longer.

How will my gallery be accessible to me - After I've edited and worked a little magic on your shots, I will upload them to a private photo gallery for you. I will send you a link and password, and from there you will be able to download your photos in high-resolution format. Photo galleries will be online for 14 days, after which the final set of images will be stored on external media for 12 months. USB sticks with your photos can be purchased at any time during this 12-month period for an additional cost of £20.

If you have any questions at all about our sessions, just give us a shout on our contact page, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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