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Contract of Terms & Conditions

Animal welfare is our top priority - The pet's welfare is paramount to Jules Clarke Photography, if we think for any reason the pet may be at risk during a shoot, we will not proceed. Please tell us if there are things your pet will not be comfortable doing. If your pet has any health issues that could impact the photoshoot, please let us know.

The weather - Unfortunately, the UK does offer its fair share of bad weather. Jules Clarke Photography will monitor the weather conditions leading up to your photography session. If the weather takes a turn for the worst and the session has to be cancelled, the shoot will be re-scheduled at a convenient time, acceptable by both the photographer and the client.

Re-scheduling shoots - Please be aware that when booking your session, we have to take account of up-and-coming weather situations. Re-scheduling requests must be made at least 7 days prior to the agreed session date. We understand that sometimes things can happen that are out of your control, if for any reason you cannot make the session please contact us, and we will do our best to assist.

The Shoot - The client agrees to be on time for the shoot. If the client will be late they will notify Jules Clarke Photography ASAP. The photographer will wait for 30 minutes after the agreed shoot time, after which the shoot will be classed as cancelled, rescheduling will incur a travel expense.

During The Shoot - The client agrees to be honest about their dog's level of obedience, and understands that if their dog won't stay still, this will impact the kind of photos that Jules Clarke Photography can obtain during the shoot. If your dog is not obedient, we recommend bringing a friend or relative to help. They can hold the dog's lead, while you hold their attention.

If your dog needs to be on a lead during the shoot, I will tell you how to hold it, so I can edit it out in post-processing. If your dog does need to be on a lead then a thinner lead, and dark colour, will work better. Please note that if your dog wears a harness, this will not be removed in post-processing. A harness covers a large part of your dog's fur, removing it can make the fur look unnatural. If possible and safe to do so, we recommend that you remove the harness before we start the photoshoot.

Session Payment - The client agrees to make full payment before the shoot via online payment, or in cash on the day of the shoot (cash should be arranged prior) If full payment is not received after the shoot has taken place, digital images and/or prints will not be released into the clients' possession.

Pay by Instalments - If you have opted to pay by instalments, Your shoot will take place when half of the package cost is paid.  For time sensitive shoots, with ill or senior pets, the shoot can be arranged to take place immediately, but please be aware no digital images, prints or artwork will be released into the clients' possession until the final payment has been made. Package costs can be split over 3 months.

Gift Vouchers - Gift vouchers whether purchased by yourself, or by someone else and received as a gift or any other means are non-refundable. If you do not use your voucher before the expiry date, a £50 re-activation fee will be required after this time. If our package details or prices have changed, your gift voucher will still be redeemable against the original package it was purchased for. Records of all gift voucher details, and previous package details, are held by Jules Clarke photography.

Refunds - Refunds will not be offered after a session is booked, unless there are extenuating Circumstances. If you no longer wish to have your session, why not consider gifting it to a friend.

Editing Policy - The way that Jules Clarke Photography edits images can be seen in their portfolio, and social media channels. The client agrees to accept Jules Clarke photography style of editing and will not add any filters, edit, crop or alter the final images in any way. Doing so will be seen as a breach of contract.

If the client is viewing watermarked images in the gallery, they agree not to screenshot images for their own use. Once purchased the watermark will be removed. If Jules Clarke Photography is using any images on their website or social media channels, not purchased by the client, the client agrees not to screenshot these images.

Editing times - Please give us at least 14 days before contacting us about your photographs. Editing takes a lot of time, and we want to get those photos just right! At busy times, we will contact you if the editing process may take longer than we anticipated. If you have ordered wall art, folios or prints, please allow up to 6 weeks.

Copyright Information - Jules Clarke Photography holds the copyright for all images taken, and the client agrees that Jules Clarke Photography may use their final images for marketing campaigns, on their website, advertising, competitions, and social media advertising.  Images in the gallery that you have the option to download or purchase will include a 'Personal Use Licence' This means that you can use those images for your own personal use, including displaying them on social media sites, your own personal use website or printing the images for personal display. The 'Personal Use Licence' does NOT include using the images in competitions, for marketing or commercial and personal gain services.  Please use the Contact form if you wish to discuss purchasing the full copyright and marketing licence for any of your images from the session.

Photo Gallery - We state an approximation of minimum and maximum shots included in your package, however photograph numbers stated are an estimate, and we at Jules Clarke Photography prefer quality of images over quantity. You may see us taking what appears to be hundreds of shots, but we do this to provide you with the very best images at the end of our editing process. You may see us take shots in a certain area, but find none of these in the gallery, this is due to us only wanting to provide you with fantastic memories or your pet, and if we don't think they're good enough, they won't make the final cut. If for any reason we do not manage to achieve the number of final edited images stated in your package, you will be offered a re-shoot, free of charge.

Due to the number of shots taken, sometimes we may decide to edit more than the maximum stated image amount in your package. If we do this, you will be asked to choose which images you would like, to the maximum image value of your package. So if you purchased the Silver Package, you will be able to choose 3 images, Gold will be 6 images, Platinum 8 - 10 images. You will have the option to purchase any extra images should you wish to do so. Extra images are priced at £30 each for high resolution, or £20 each for social media quality. Please be aware that social media quality are not suitable for printing. If there are numerous extra images, discounts can be given, and we can do a package deal should you wish to purchase all of the extra images. Extra images may be purchased up to 12 months after the shoot date. If there is an image that you didn't purchase, and have now decided you would like, please contact us.

Full Resolution images will be available for you to download from your gallery (unless you have booked the shoot only where digital images are to be purchased after the shoot) The images will stay in the online gallery for 14 days, after which they will be removed and stored on external media for 12 months. After 12 months, the photographer accepts no responsibility for the images stored. If after the initial 14 days and the removal of the images from the gallery the client requests a duplicate of the images, these can be re-uploaded to the gallery for a £20 admin fee, or purchased on a USB stick for £25 (P&P as arranged and added to the final fee)

Please visit our 'Displaying your photos' pages for amazing ways to show off your new art around your home.

Liability Waiver - The client agrees that they will be in full control of their dog at all times. The Client agrees that in
order to attend a session, their dog is required to be well-behaved, sociable around adults, children, and other dogs.
The client agrees to be solely responsible for any and all acts or behaviour of their pet while in the photo session. Should
the Client’s dog become frightened, agitated, or aggressive, the Client understands that they must take immediate action to
gain control over their dog and to remove their dog from the situation. The Client further understands that Photographer
reserves the right to request removal of the dog from any situation where a disturbance is created, where the dog appears
dominant or aggressive or that is deemed to be dangerous or undesirable to the Client’s dog or any other dog(s) or person,
and that in any such situation we may be asked to leave the session/location without refund of any monies paid.

The client is aware that given the sometimes unpredictable nature of dogs, an interaction could take place between dogs
at the session which may result in an injury to the Client’s dog, to other dogs, to the Photographer and to other people. The Client understands that they are solely responsible for financial or otherwise for any such injury or harm afflicted by their
dog to any other dog or person while their dog is attending the session, and that likewise, other people attending the
session are solely responsible, financially or otherwise, for any injury or harm afflicted by their dogs or to
the Photographer during the session. The client agrees that theirs and their pets participation in photoshoots with Jules Clarke Photography is voluntary. Additionally, the client agrees to assume any risk that is associated with participating in the session and releases Jules Clarke Photography and their photographers from any and all claims of damage and loss that may be as a result of participation. The release is without limitation and includes the personal injury fees, attorney’s/lawyers fees and any other losses that might occur to the participant.

The client agrees to hold Jules Clarke Photography harmless against all claims of damage and loss, including damage to location or property, caused by the client and their pet/s. The client also agrees to hold Jules Clarke Photography harmless against any injury caused by Jules Clarke Photographys property and equipment during a photography session, including injury, and any other losses that may occur to the client or pets,

The client agrees that this waiver agreement shall remain in full force and take effect without change and that participation in Jules Clarke Photography sessions is in pursuit to the terms of the agreement

By purchasing any package, artwork or folios, digital images or prints, gift cards or any other product or service on this website, you are agreeing to the terms & conditions.

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