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About Your Session

Beginning your adventure!

If you want to get a professional photography shoot for your dog, then first take a look at our photography sessions. If you see something you like the look of, you can go ahead and book the session. I will check out the date you have chosen and see what kind of weather we'll be having, if it's ok I will confirm your booking, if not I'll contact you to arrange another suitable time. Also, when booking a time slot please be aware I may contact you if I don't think it's suitable (sometimes better light for the shoot can happen earlier or later in the day)

If you don't like the look of our sessions, don't be down-hearted! Contact us, and I'm pretty sure we'll be able to work something out that suits your needs a little better :)

Let's get to know each other

Once your session is booked, and we have agreed a location, date and time ( I will keep in touch with you during this process to notify of you of any changes to the weather) We'll have a chat about your dog, and what type of photos you would like me to capture. If you have anything specific in mind, let me know, and if not don't worry, I'll capture a good selection of images for you. All you need to do then is relax and stock up on some of your pet's favourite treats and maybe a toy or two! Bribery goes a long way when photographing your dog!

The experience

On the day, we'll meet up at your chosen location, after your dog has a little sniff around, we'll take a walk and find some nice scenic spots. We'll either get your dog to pose, or maybe get a few photos of them playing. Should you want to be in on some shots too, that's great! What if you're not keen on being in front of the camera? Don't worry, we could get some shots with just your hands on your dog, or even your dog walking alongside, or sitting by your legs. If there's anything you don't want your dog to do, just let me know, or if there's anything you would like them to do, let me know that too!

Don't worry if your dog needs to be kept on a lead, this is absolutely fine, I'll show you how to hold it, and where to position yourself, so I can remove the lead in post-processing. However, if your dog wears a harness, it will be a good idea to remove this for the shoot. Harnesses cover a larger part of the dog's fur, and removing the harness in the editing process can make the fur look very unnatural. 


If your dog isn't trained to the point where they will stay still, either sitting or standing, then it might be more difficult to obtain good quality photos. Bringing along a friend or family member, to hold the lead while you stand just behind, or to the side of me can give us an advantage as your dog will more than likely want to focus their attention on you, allowing me to get some shots. Plenty of treats or a toy that your dog loves will sometimes grab their attention for a second or two as well, there are plenty of tricks we can try to get some great shots of your dog.

Behind the scenes

After the session, I will head back home to start processing the photo's, this is the part that takes the most time. To sort and edit shots from a session will take around 5 - 7 days. In extremely busy periods, this can sometimes take longer. After I've edited and worked a little magic on your shots, I will upload them to a private photo gallery for you. I will send you a link and password, and from there you will be able to download your photos. If we managed to obtain and edit more than the maximum amount of shots stated in your package, you will be asked to choose the maximum amount, and if you wish to purchase any of the others, these will then be made available for you to download. If you booked the 'Photoshoot only' package, digital images will need to be purchased before you can download them, or if you can purchase wall art or folios if you wish.

Photo galleries will be online for 14 days, after which the final set of edited images will be stored on external media for 12 months. USB sticks with your photos can be purchased at any time during this 12-month period for an additional cost of £20.

There is also a gift store within the gallery where you can purchase additional items should you wish.

Still not sure?.... Contact us and we can have a chat :)


Welsh Collie sitting with ruins of a building in the background.
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