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Breed of the Month

Celebrating Canine Beauty!

Welcome to our exciting monthly competition, "Breed of the Month"!

Each month, a new breed will be chosen, it may be pure-bred, cross or both. If you own that breed, then get your entry in. You could win a photoshoot worth £50, plus two digital images worth £40.

 Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to capture everlasting memories of your dog, subscribe to my newsletter to be notified of the new breed each month. As soon as you see yours dog's breed, click the button below to enter!

Breed of the Month is paused for winter

The weather has been so unpredictable this winter that the breed of the month competition has been paused for now. Hopefully once the weather improves, we'll be back with this super little competition

View Previous Winners Below
May 2023 winner - Frank the English Bulldog
Beautiful english bulldog sitting at the end of a bridge surrounded by greenery and leaves.
June 2023 Winner - Luna the Dalmatian
Luna (3).jpg
July 2023 Winner - Rex the Rottweiler
Rex (11).jpg
August 2023 Winner - Bonnie the Beagle
Bonnie (10).jpg
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