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Who Wants To Be Jules Clarke Dog Photography's New Ambassador?

I am looking for new Ambassadors for the Summer/Autumn Season!!

What does it mean to be an Ambassador for Jules Clarke Dog Photography? Well first off, you're gonna need a dog (or two) Then what I will need is,, for you to have a good following on Instagram or Facebook for your adorable dog (or for yourself) Why? Because the stunning shots that I get of your dog, I would love you to publish them on your social media channels, and tag me in them, let all of your followers know that I took the photos.

You will need to be available approx once a month for around an hour, and be able to get to outdoor locations , ie: Bradgate park, Grace Dieu Priory, Burbage woods, etc. This is where we'll meet up and do the dog photography shoot! Don't worry, we can arrange the shoots for dates and times to suit us both.

You might now be asking, 'But, what do I get from being an Ambassador?' It all sounds a little one-sided at the minute, right?.... Wrong! Each time we meet for a shoot, this may be approx once a month (maybe more often, maybe less) You will get approx 5, maybe more, high quality, fully edited digital images to download from a private online gallery. You will have a personal use licence for these images, meaning you can display them on social media, get them printed out, display on a personal website (This is a silver shoot, and I normally charge £50 for this, you'll get this for free!)

All you need to do is drop me a message, see that little envelope icon at the top of the page... click that. I need a pic of your dog/dogs, and a screenshot of your facebook/instagram profile showing your follow/followers.

I will try and reply to everyone, but this request is going to be open for a while, so I can view all submissions......

All breed types, sizes, ages of dogs are welcome, I may pick more than one dog as an Ambassador, but so long as you have a good amount of followers on socials and can help to get the Jules Clarke Photography's name across to your followers, then you're in with a chance! What are you waiting for? Click the little envelope icon now!...

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