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Time Flies!... When You're a Pet Photographer (and of course you're having fun)

In fact I'm sure time flies for all of us! It's nearly Christmas and slots are filling up for Pet Photography Sessions before the big day. If you want some lovely photos of your pets, get in touch!

Albert (above) is an adorable little Collie that I photographed last week. He's 10 months old and absolutely stunning. He has the most amazing eyes, and did so well on his pet photography shoot. Nothing was too much trouble for Albert, he sat nicely, he jumped over branches, played with a ball, and he stalked his toys (like only collies can stalk) You know that low down walk that they do for herding sheep. He had a brilliant time! And so did his owners and I.

As a pet photographer, it's not only photographing the dogs that I love, although that really is the best bit :) It's chatting with the owners and hearing all about the dog. Learning about the dog's personality, and then being able to capture those little personality traits with my camera, is what I strive for.

Of course you always need an 'eyes' shot. How many times do you look into your dogs eyes and see that unconditional love that your dog has for you. Alberts eyes were full of love, for his owners and definitely for life itself... Isn't he just gorgeous!

So I had a brainwave... I don't get them often (maybe I should sit down) I'm going to end each blog with a quote about dogs, heres the first of many.

Louis Sabin - "No matter how little money and how few possessions you own, having a dog makes you rich."

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