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The Search For My Dog Photography Ambassadors Is Over!

Beautiful cockapoo sitting amongst buttercups and long grass

It's been a long couple of months on the hunt for ambassadors to join me at Jules Clarke Dog Photography, and I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone that messaged me, and I'm so sorry if I didn't manage to get back to you.

I've already done a couple of photography sessions with a two of my new ambassadors. The beautiful buddy who you can see above. Buddy is a fantastic little dog that loves his Mum to bits, but he was a little nervous of the new place that we visited, so we decided to keep him on a lead, so that he could take a little time to relax and get used to the new area, and it also meant that he could stay close to his Mum. Leads are easily removed in post-processing, as you can see below. So don't worry, if you decide to book a shoot with me and your dog needs to be kept on a lead, that's absolutely fine.

Beautiful cockapoo sitting under a flowery branch

The edited version of a cockapoo sitting under a flowery branch. A very dreamy photo.

I've also done a couple of shoots with stunning Belle, the Vizsla, she's nutty! Give her a big stick, and she's happy as a pig in...... well, you know what I mean!

In fact, I met up with Belle and her owners last Thursday at Beacon Hill, she had a fantastic time running round, climbing the rocks, and rolling in cow poo! Much to her pawrents dismay! Luckily I had a bottle of water on me and Belles Mum managed to wash it all off!

Hungarian Vizsla standing in a grassy area lifting one paw and staring at her owners in a dog photography shoot

I've also had the pleasure of photographing a gorgeous little Whippet called Walter! He is fast! He literally is just a blur when he runs! But he's such a sweet little lad.

Tan coloured whippet sitting a field of long grass with a lovely dreamy background and cloudy sky

You can see more of all of these guys if you follow me over on Instagram or my Facebook page Oh, while I'm on the subject of Instagram, once I reach 1000 followers I will be giving away a Silver Dog Photography shoot (but you have to be following me to be in with a chance of winning!) What are you waiting for! Go follow me :)

I will be meeting up with a couple more potential ambassadors later this month. An Australian Shepherd, and then a lovely lady that messaged me back in January and I only just saw her message a couple of weeks ago, but she has Shepherds, horses and cats! Eeek! So many animals, I'll be in heaven on the day I meet all of those! Of course, anyone that knows me, knows that Shepherds are my absolute favourite. Don't get me wrong, I love all dogs, but Shepherds hold a special place in my heart.

So for now, my search for ambassadors is over. Please do subscribe to my page and follow me on my socials, as I do occasionally ask for specific breeds for dog photography shoots (you don't want to miss that!) I also have special offers, and don't forget my silver shoot giveaway over on Instagram!

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