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Puppy Photo Shoot - They Don't Stay Little For Long!

Beautiful little puppy on a dog photography shoot

So you got a new puppy! Congratulations. He (or she) is all cute and fluffy, and probably keeping you up at night too if he's very new to your family. These early puppy days don't last for long, and soon he'll be fully grown. It's easy to forget how small that little bundle of fluff once was.

Pet photography shoots are all the rage these days, so why not have some fun with, not just one, but three dog photography shoots for your little bundle of joy! Jules Clarke Photography has put together a package to capture your pup as he's growing up!

Three separate shoots, at three separate milestones! 4, 8 and 12 months old, this is just approximate of course and the final decision on when exactly you want each shoot will be down to you (and of course the weather!)

From each separate puppy photography shoot, there will be approx 10 fully edited, high resolution images uploaded to a private, password-protected gallery for you to download. At the end of the last shoot, and when you have all of your photo's, just tell us which three are your favourites, and we'll get them printed out for you.

We do realize that as a puppy your dog will more than likely need to stay on a lead, don't worry, that's absolutely fine and leads can be edited out in post-processing. I'll show you how and where to stand, and how to hold the lead, so when you look at the image you won't even know your pup had a lead attached.

No matter how fast that first year goes, and how fast your puppy grows, you'll have it documented in photo's. Sound good? Then contact us now using that little envelope button in the top right corner for a chat about locations, dates and times.

Not sure or thinking of something different? Get in touch and tell us your thoughts, we can build packages around you and your puppy :)

Puppy Quote time!

“Whoever said you can’t buy happiness forgot little puppies.” – Gene Hill

Black and white puppy leaping and running

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