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Mothers Day Special Offer - Dog Photography Session

german shepherd dog photography

Hey pet pawrents! Come on, who forgot? Who forgot about Mother's Day! Or who can't find that super special gift? Chocolates, flowers, jewellery? It's a real struggle, isn't it, finding that perfect gift for someone who has given us so much in our lives.

Why not do something a bit different this year, something unique? Does your Mum have a dog? Does she absolutely love it to bits and would do anything for it? Then a dog photography session is going to be right up her street!

Your Mum will get a 30 minute shoot of her furry friend, she can be in the shots too if she wishes! After a few days she will be able to download 5 fully edited, high resolution photos straight to her phone, tablet, laptop, PC (or to all of them)

What kind of photo's will your Mum get after the shoot? Go and have a peep at my portfolio of dog photography and see what you think. I don't just take pics, I create little works of art.

If any Mums are reading this, you don't have to wait for your 'offspring' to buy this for you, treat yourself! You know you deserve it :)

You can book the Mothers Day Special Offer Dog Photography shoot here, and remember we 'create memories that last a lifetime', or you can pop down to Asda and pick up some carnations and a box of milk tray (that won't last a week, never mind a lifetime!)

If you have any questions, get in touch (I promise I don't bite!) :) Use that little envelope icon on the top of the page to email me, and we can have a chat about your requirements.

Whatever you do, don't wait too long, this dog photography offer is only available until the end of March....

Dog photography Australian Terrier in Flowers

Dog Quote - “Anybody who doesn’t know what soap tastes like never washed a dog.” – Franklin P. Jones

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