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Free Pet Photography Sessions!

Seeing as I'm only just starting to dive into the world of Pet Photography (I'm normally a wildlife photographer, you can see my portfolio here) I decided to use social media to offer 5 free pet shoots. In all honesty, I wasn't sure how much demand this post would generate, so decided to post to just one small village page.

The response to this post was actually quite overwhelming, so many lovely people out there offering up their pets to help me build my portfolio, some images are now actually displayed on this site! Check out my 'Featured Shoots' section on the top menu bar.

These free sessions are going really well, and with each one I can see things that I could maybe do differently to enhance the shots.

The difference between this and the wildlife photography that I do, is that I'm now in control. With wildlife, I had to hide in a hedge or a ditch until the animal I wanted to photograph might just happen to saunter along! As well as meeting these super dogs, I also get to meet their humans too!

So this week so far has consisted of 2 photography sessions with the 3 Finnish Lapphunds (in the pic above) and an 11-week-old cocker poo pup who had so much energy no one could keep up with her! And I have a third session happening this evening.

I've also been building this website, which for a 50-year-old can prove pretty infuriating at times! Luckily, my daughter is on hand after college to help me when needed. She has also been accompanying me on the shoots as she is very talented on the creative side of things (and also quite good with photography) She edits images in totally different styles and isn't afraid to get 'arty' with the details.

So I'm going to leave you with a photo of 'Bunny' she is a real little sweetie! Until next time..... have fun whatever you're doing.

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