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Autumn Pet Photography

So pet photography has been a little distant for me the last couple of weeks as I've been down with a real nasty cold/flu bug. Proper sore and dry throat, which is making me cough like an old sailor! Typical really now that autumn is in full swing, the colours of the trees and leaves is absolutely stunning!

I hate not being able to get out with my camera, it's like an extension of my arm and if I can't snap away at something... anything, I feel lost!

So last weekend I was feeling a little better and decided to do some pet Photography on my own little pooch. She's a bit of a cutie (but can also be a tad on the evil side sometimes) So we decided to take her out into the autumn leaves and see if we could get some nice shots of her.

Now, Lara (my dog) doesn't like to pose for the camera at all. You can make all kinds of noises, offer her top-notch treats, and if the camera is pointing her way she's highly unlikely to play her part as model. So we tried to get a few posed shots, I think we actually got 3 where my daughter stood behind me and managed to get her to look directly at us. Then my daughter started dropping handfuls of leaves from above, and this really caught Lara's attention. We managed to get a few superb shots, but best of all, Lara had a blast catching leaves for an hour!

So if you're put off from having a pet photography session for your dog because you're worried they won't behave, or they won't look at the camera constantly, then don't!....worry that is. We will always be able to find a way to engage your dog with either treats or playing. If your dog can't be off lead because they won't sit or stay, but they will only respond to you, then bring a friend or family member to hold your dog's lead while you get their attention from in front.

Honestly no dog is more awkward or camera shy than Lara, and look how well she did in the end!

Have a great weekend Pet parents, and hug your dogs every day!

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